Board games ecommerce

Project Overview
Redesigning the user experience of the 401 GAMES website is my vision for the new website version. I wanted to create a clean and minimalistic design, and highlight the wide range of products and features of the site. Make navigation intuitive and easy to use, by revamping the site map and removing unnecessary sections.

Users interviews and surveys

The first step of the discovery stage of the process was to conduct a number of user interviews. During these interviews, I was trying to better understand the thought process of people who shop for board games online, in particular their context, and the process they follow.

I prepared a survey and extended interview questions for website customers. The survey was sent to 20 respondents and 10 customers were interviewed.

After conducting the interviews, I analyzed the data and grouped similar patterns and pain points. This helped me to determine the main problems users faced using the website. All information, gathered by the research, let me create a User Persona, CJM and empathy map. For more accurate data, I also included Competitor analysis. In the end, it becomes clear who is the end users and their needs.

Top issues determined:
27% Limited number of product images and low-quality
19% Poor filtering
18% Insufficient product description
14% Other
13% Complex and illogical navigation
9% Not offering recommendations

Original design



Bebas Neue Pro is a crisp and neat font. Its clean and bold lines make it extremely legible and perfect for headings.

Bebas Neue Pro

We were watching a battle
but it took clean forms


I use only a greyscale palette to keep the website simple and minimalistic, focusing user attention on products.

Greyscale palette

Homepage full layout